Accelev V2 Uni 1-phase charger 16A

297.85$ Excl. VAT

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1-phase charger 16A with Anti Trip of Breakers

Forget about stupid chargers.

It is not an “ordinary” EVSE.

With the unique ability of speed reducing, when other load detected – your tripping breakers will be history.

Battery Balancing procedure may increase the usable capacity of your battery and state of health (SOH) – perfect for Nissan Leaf and Jaguar i-Pace battery SOH improvement.

Forget about stupid Chinese chargers – it is the 21-st century! Use the touchscreen, update new functions via USB. Monitor the health of your home energy grid with a spectacular SOP (State of Power) parameter (read more here)

This EVSE/electric car charger can be flexibly completed according to customer wishes.

We believe that Accelev v2 is the most modern EVSE home station of our times.

Grid monitoring – immediate load reduction while grid overload detected – no more fuse switches keeping turning off

BatteryCare™ – unique full charging / no full charging modes with maximum life protection for your battery Read Technical Explanation

Updateable – flash most recent firmware via micro USB extension port.

Detachable cables – both input and output side. Use one charger in all situations.

2.8 inch touch screen – human interface with „geek mode” – you can monitor all parameters while loading.