Public Type2 Charging Station -> Power Socket Adapter (simulates EV car)

138.00$ Excl. VAT



Charge your EV car, bike at Type2 public stations using original charger included with your vehicle — connect Adapter to Public Charging Station, and your charger for bike or car to it.
This adapter simulates real car connected to a public charging station with Type2 socket (for example KEBA Wallbox). Using it, you can use your car charger as a cable between public charging station and your car. There is no need to have a separate Type2->Type2 cable for charging stations.
There are three versions available: Type2->16A 3F (red), Type2->32A 3F (red) and Type2->Schuko 1F.
Compatible with any EV car, bike charger.
Notice: it is adviced not to use this EV car simulator to power other devices than cars or bikes.