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TeslaChip is a range extender controlling load applied to engine via throttle control. No problems with warranty – undetectable by dealer. It is easy to install, as it uses factory plugs. It delivers following extensions to standard Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X:

  • range extender – it bases on adding „N-mode on demand” (aka glide mode) to D-mode, along with alternative torque delivery strategy (read below). Range extension is around 10% (for all sizes of batteries). It does not affect maximum power, but torque distribution along accelerator pedal position is altered.
  • regenerative force at D mode comes faster. Removing leg from accelerator pedal gives more rapid invoking of regeneration.
  • Smooth power delivery promotes battery health. Optionally maximum power can be limited to prolong battery life and health (for usage as taxi car or car for hire)

Additional information

Tesla version

60, 60D, 70, 70D, 75, 75D, 85, 85D, P85, P85+, P85D, P85DL, 90D, P90D, P90DL, 100D, P100D, P100DL

Type of TeslChip

Range extender, Range + Power

Make Model Engine
Tesla 3 Long Range 75 kWh
Tesla 3 LR Performance 75 kWh
Tesla 3 Mid Range 62 kWh
Tesla 3 Standard Range 50 kWh
Tesla 3 Standard Range Plus 54 kWh
Tesla S 100D 100 kWh
Tesla S 60 60 kWh
Tesla S 60D 60kWh
Tesla S 70 70 kWh
Tesla S 70D 70 kWh
Tesla S 75 75 kWh
Tesla S 75D 75 kWh
Tesla S 85 85 kWh
Tesla S 85D 85 kWh
Tesla S 90 90 kWh
Tesla S 90D 90 kWh
Tesla S LR+ Raven 100 kWh
Tesla S P100D 100 kWh
Tesla S P85 85 kWh
Tesla S P85+ 85 kWh
Tesla S P85D 85 kWh
Tesla S P90D 90 kWh
Tesla S Perf. Raven 100 kWh
Tesla X 100D 100 kWh
Tesla X 75 75 kWh
Tesla X 90 90 kWh
Tesla X 90D 75 kWh
Tesla X P100D 100 kWh
Tesla X P90D 90 kWh
Tesla Y Long Range 75 kWh
Tesla Y Long Range Performance +
Tesla Y Long Range Performance 75 kWh
Tesla Y Standard Range 50 kWh